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The power of sound.

I have had a very close connection with music,

I have realized the capacity that sounds possess

to create emotions.

The vibrations, transformed into frequencies,

travel from one place to another through the air, forming invisible harmonies to our human perception or visible like nature itself.

Today, more than ever, with the arrival of new technologies,

it would be a mistake to dissociate sound from what we truly are,

"we are the clear example of vibration."

It moves us, touches us, manipulates us,

the intangible turns it into something tangible,

it transports us not only physically,

it opens a window to our own inner self, capable of uplifting or transforming us vibrationally.

It is our duty as musicians,

to give the image a mark that positively identifies it,

without forgetting the nature and power that sounds possess,

the importance of this element is vital for the continuity of the whole in this realm.

My role is to be the vehicle that transports you to the universe that resides within you...

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